China opens first hotel managed by robots

The Alibaba hotel consortium inaugurated the Flyzoo Hotel, fully managed through artificial intelligence and robot butlers, receptionists and guests' assistants

The Flyzoo hotel, inaugurated in China, is managed by artificial intelligence and robots which carry on functions that used to play humans, such as room service, registration at the lobby, temperature control and lighting, among others.

The technology is ahead in the new premises of the Chinese giant Alibaba. The main objective of the consortium is to reduce the costs of human work.

At the futuristic Flyzoo hotel “guests can register through facial scanners, the butlers are robots and practically no human staff is needed”. Customers are in the corridors with robots of a meter high that are responsible for delivering meals, towels and other requirements.

The opening of the hotel was last December. It offers 290 minimalist rooms, with white panels on the walls that make people think of the spaceships. At the reception, the guest register is done by means of facial scanners.

To pay for the services the clients “must press a button in the application (FlyZoo), after which the room is blocked and automatically loaded through the Alibaba online payment. the guests are immediately deleted from the systems”.

Fun and relaxation are guaranteed at the bar, where robots in the form of capsules deliver the requested food through the application and in a separate area a robotic arm serves more than 20 different types of cocktails.

The novelty of being able to adjust the temperature and lighting, opening and closing the curtains, adjusting the lighting or requesting room service through the voice command of Alibaba is fascinating for the guests. Undoubtedly, technology is the main basis of this hotel, an added value that Alibaba wants to sell to the hotel industry.


Source: AETecno

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