Government of Peru expects private investment to recover in the second quarter

Alex Contreras, Peru's Minister of Economy and Finance, is optimistic about the recovery of private investment in the country starting in the second half of the year

The Minister of Economy and Finance, Alex Contreras, has indicated that he expects private investment to begin to recover from the second quarter of the year, noting that the Andean country has “impressive” poles of economic attraction such as the mining sector or the of the infrastructures.

During his speech at the CEO Luncheon, held within the framework of PDAC 2023 in Canada, which brought together executives from the mining sector from different parts of the world, the Government’s economic head expressed his wish that private investment be “a partner of the growth”.

To achieve this, Contreras has highlighted that the Government is improving the allocation and execution of the public budget in order to take advantage of the competitiveness and leadership of certain sectors.

“We are working on investment incentives, which is a key agenda, and we ask you to continue to trust Peru. The mining sector will be the great beneficiary of the energy transition, so investing in Peru is betting on the future “, he insisted.

Taking advantage of his trip, the minister has met with different investment funds, to whom he has informed them about the situation of the Peruvian economy and the prospects for development and growth.

Source: dpa

(Reference image source: Peruvian Government, Europa Press)

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