Secasports Minor Soccer School participates in the 2023 State Tournament “Red Vital Cup”

The current champion in various categories, who seeks to maintain leadership in the region, prepared and registered 26 teams

In search of a new championship, the Secasports Minor Soccer School / @secasportsescuela participates in the 2023 Red Vital Cup State Tournament that began this weekend in Valencia, under the organization of the Carabobo State Field, Indoor and Beach Soccer Association.

The current champion in various categories seeks to maintain the leadership in the region in this new edition, after registering 22 male and 4 female teams, made up of more than 600 athletes between the ages of 5 and 17.

Gabriel Gallo, sports director of the Secasports School, assured that since the beginning of this year the players have worked hard on their physical, emotional and technical preparation to improve their conditions and go out on the field to defend the colors of the institution.

He explained that in the preseason there were days of tectification, neuroscience applied to football and physical training days with the purpose of reinforcing the abilities and skills of children and young people who are part of the school teams, from the 2016 category to the 2006.

Sports and social training which generates good citizens
Sports and social training which generates good citizens


“This previous work has also allowed us to visualize the attitudes and aptitudes of our athletes, whom we train not only in the sporting field, but also in the social field as honest individuals, with humanistic values ​​that will allow them to be better people,” he added.

For this contest, which started this weekend, the school’s coaching staff has also worked to strengthen its skills, both the coaches and the physical trainers, goalkeepers and the psychologist, in order to adapt the strategies and assume with great responsibility and enthusiasm for the new challenge and present sports competition.

For his part, Jorge Maldonado, vice president of the Secasports School, assured that “we are ready to defend the jersey with honor, commitment and responsibility, achieve our objectives so that this sports institution continues to be a reference in the region, the country and beyond the borders”.

There are more than 600 athletes who, together with their families, will live the passion of the most beautiful sport in the world in our Verde Mágico and Naguanagua Sport Park sports complexes, where healthy coexistence, education and sport come together to train the men and women of the tomorrow.


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