Google Play Games begins its beta phase

The platform launched the Google Play Games application in the testing stage in three specific countries

Google Play Games for PC has just started beta testing in the first three countries, where you can already see the client for this service for PC, after its announcement last January.

The beta Google Play Games for PC was announced at the end of January for the first three countries, South Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong, after learning that Google was working on this native application during the Game Awards 2021.

The beta was recently activated in the three countries mentioned, as reported by Esper’s technical editor, Mishaal Rahman, which has allowed us to see the interface of this new application for Windows. According to images shared on social media, this client has a dark background and three main tabs: Home, Library, and All Games, where games can be found and downloaded to play in the browser.

There is also an account settings section, which can be accessed from the user’s profile image, located in the upper right corner. Options are also displayed to edit the profile or check the achievements obtained.

As it is an application under test, at a given moment a floating window is also opened in which the user’s opinion is requested. Google announced in January that its plans were for this application to launch globally this year, after testing in the first three Asian countries.

Source: dpa

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