Colombia has invested $ 90 million in bank security

Data published on banking security by the SFC indicate that despite this the sector was affected with 1,362 million attacks

The Financial Superintendence of Colombia (SFC) published the indicators related to information security and cybersecurity in the banking sector, establishing that the 2021 expenditure was approximately 90 million dollars.

Despite this investment, last year the Latin country was the victim of some 1,362 million attacks against the banking sector, a number of which only 21 important incidents stand out, which despite this did not mean an interruption of the banking service.

Another data to highlight is that 99.05 % of the vulnerabilities were corrected within the same quarter that they were detected, as detailed by the SFC in its report.

It is also estimated that some 19 million dollars were involved in unauthorized operations. This means that the users were fraudulently impersonated or any other incident that led to the generation of an unauthorized transaction by the user.

K. Tovar

Source: Cointelegraph

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