Google Chrome to ban third-party cookies in January 2024

Google Chrome users will have third-party cookies disabled by default starting January 4, when the test of a tracking protection function begins

The launch of a new tracking protection feature will allow Google Chrome to disable third-party cookies by default starting January 4, 2024, for at least 1% of users.

According to the recent announcement, Google Chrome will test this Tracking Protection feature to phase out cookies progressively, “It will be a gradual step as it will be rolled out to 1% of Chrome users around the world as part of the Privacy initiative “Google Sandbox, which seeks to eliminate third-party cookies for everyone in the second half of 2024.”

Privacy Sandbox is used to implement a new, much more responsible approach to browsing.

Google has noted: “We build new site tools with support for key use cases and provide time for developers to transition. And as we roll out Tracking Protection, we’re starting with a small percentage of Chrome users, so developers can test their readiness for a web without third-party cookies.”

Those chosen for the test next January will receive a notification when entering Google Chrome on desktop or Android. While browsing the website, third-party cookies will be restricted by default. In the event that a necessary query page does not function correctly due to this measure, the user will have the option to temporarily enable them on that site, “with an icon next to the address bar.”



(Reference image source: Growtika, Unsplash)

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