General Bytes suffers major hack

The second largest ATM manufacturing company was the victim of a hack on its servers

Bitcoin ATM manufacturer General Bytes recently suffered a major hack on its servers.

This illegal action allowed the hackers to modify the settings to take the funds to other wallet addresses.

Until now, it is unknown how much the stolen amount has been, nor which ATMs were compromised. However, the company urgently recommended the operators of these devices to update their software.

General Bytes is the second-largest manufacturer of equipment in the world, after Genesis Coin, which has more than 15,000. In the case of General Bytes, according to CoinATMRadar records, it owns and operates 8,832 bitcoin and other cryptocurrency ATMs that can be accessed in more than 120 countries.

Another recommendation the company issued is not to use its ATM servers until updates to patch versions 20220725.22 and 20220531.38 are made for customers running 20220531.

K. Tovar

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Source: Diariobitcoin

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