Bancamiga is pioneer in contactless transactions by launching advanced Mastercard Debit Card

Bancamiga is the first bank to offer its customers the contactless card in the country, which allows them to make purchases by simply bringing the card close to the Bancamiga Points of Sale or those with NFC technology

In alliance with Mastercard, Bancamiga launches the Mastercard Debit Card, becoming the first bank in the country to offer its customers the possibility of paying by simply bringing the card to Bancamiga Points of Sale or those that have NFC technology (Near Field Communication), which allows you to pay electronically without any type of contact.

With this financial instrument, Bancamiga customers can have instant access to the funds they have in their CASH accounts or in Foreign Currency (euros and dollars). The Mastercard Debit Card also offers the possibility of making purchases online through platforms such as Amazon or Walmart and canceling Netflix, HBO Max or Disney Plus subscriptions, making withdrawals through international ATMs and making payments through national and international points of sale. , says a statement from the institution.

Contactless payment

The executive president of Bancamiga, Ariel José Martínez Coujil, stated that although the Mastercard Debit Card does not use a line of credit, it allows “our clients instant access to the money in their foreign currency accounts, and they will be able to carry out operations quickly, practically and safe in millions of establishments in Venezuela and around the world.”

“This demonstrates Bancamiga’s determination to offer new financial instruments, always supported by satisfying customer requirements and with technological innovation as a premise”, emphasized Ariel José Martínez Coujil.

With the Mastercard Debit Card, Bancamiga customers will have a debit card for contactless payment with credit card features, which allows them to easily manage the available budget.

For its activation and unlocking, the customer can do so by assigning a key through the Points of Sale or Bancamiga Online.

With this Mastercard Debit Card, Bancamiga takes a step forward in technological innovation to continue offering quality services to customers and users, as well as optimal access to the funds they have in their CASH accounts or in Foreign Currency in Venezuela and throughout the world. world, in person or online, finalizes the informative document.

With information from Bancamiga

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