Gastronomic Chacao: With Hijole, Entrepȏt and Terraza they have a great time

These innovative ventures and proposals have made the construction of the Mercado Municipal de Chacao an even more emblematic place

We visited and talked with Roberto Enrique Benzecry, partner responsible for the commercial promotion and promotion as well as the institutional relations (private and public) of this successful concept and private investment initiative, which guarantees a pleasant experience inside the Mercado Municipal de Chacao.

Hijole takes the lead as content in this conversation, and it stands out for its originality or unique character: a taqueria with an authentically Mexican menu, not Tex-Mex, that offers traditional alternatives, but with the innovative added value, that its dishes They are gluten free, that is to say the same and genuine flavor, but much healthier.

“With vegan options, in addition to chicken, fish or pork as ingredients, it is really surprising how succulent and well presented the Hijole dishes and products are sold.”

Whether to pick up and take away, order from the office or home, and eat on the spot, it works throughout December as well as the rest of the year, with the exception of the most important and obligatory holidays. Antonio Rignanese is a member of Hijole, mentions Roberto Benzecry.

Antonio Rignanese is a member of Hijole, mentions Roberto Benzecry

“A key process in the Hijole kitchen is the nixtamalization of the corn that is applied, an ancestral Mexican procedure, which in turn makes a difference.” This secret or culinary technique is carried out by cooking the corn with water and quicklime, to obtain the nixtamal that, after grinding, gives rise to the nixtamalized dough used to make tortillas and tamales.

Its extensive menu, Aguachile (shrimp cooked with lemon, chirel pepper, purple onion, cucumber and avocado, with artisan tortilla chips) is obvious.

Gustavo Ortega and Andrés Makowski, along with Benzecry, are part of the trio of entrepreneurs and investors who identified this opportunity and decided to make it a reality, including improvements and collaborations for the infrastructure, maintenance and operation of the building, as part of their social responsibility strategy business.

They also work efficiently for door-to-door or pick-and-go

So we have that Entrepôt is Asian cuisine, with a varied and extensive menu, in which Edamames spiced with kimchee stand out; Salmon Tartar; ceviches; Sashimis; Nigiris; Croquettes; Pokes of salmon, tuna, prawns and crispy vegetables, a great variety of natural, classic and signature rolls, in special combinations of great creativity where cream cheese, passion fruit, chives, eel sauce, tropical avocado and tempura technique.

While Azotea is a gastrobar and lounge, with a beautiful and impressive atmosphere, where in addition to cocktails, wines and other spirits, it is possible to consume the Hijole and Entrepôt dishes, as well as fine and delicious pizzas.

Wonderful views with selected music

The restaurants are located on the Commerce level or floor of the market, and they also serve on the large terrace of this building, a place of comfortable, pleasant, splendid and pleasant recreation, to have a great time. Roof Azotea and Entrepôt from their spaces allow you to enjoy wonderful views, as well as music selected with rigorous criteria.

Reservations: +58 412-3244713

Home delivery: @hijolemex  @entrepot.foods  @azotea.gastrobar


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