France seeks to control economic activities on social networks

The French government launched a public consultation on the use of social networks to do business, with the subsequent aim of avoiding deception, scams and other covert crimes

The government of Emmanuel Macron is targeting those who, underhandedly, make misleading advertisements on social networks. Influencers are at the top of the list of suspects.

In order to control the commercial use made of social networks, the French government launched a public consultation available until January 31. It “will allow all French people who wish to express their opinion on 11 measures divided into four themes: the rights and obligations of influencers, intellectual property, consumer protection and governance of the sector.”

According to French government spokesmen, what is sought is to bring order to business via social networks; protect citizens, businesses and brands from scams; prevent crimes through these platforms, among others.

The Minister of the Economy, Bruno Le Maire, had already ruled on this matter in December. Referring to influencers, he said: “Millions of you consult their opinions and recommendations in the field of fashion, sports, beauty and travel. That is why they play a role in our daily lives. This gives them a special responsibility.”

Le Maire stresses the need for people promoting brands and products to comply with French law, and to be transparent when advertising, stating that they have been paid for such activity. Otherwise, they expose themselves to fines and other restrictions.


Source: RFI

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