Ford creates exoskeleton for high physical efforts

The automaker joined the company Ekso Bionics (CA) to develop the exoskeleton called EksoVest, intended for workers who perform tasks of high physical demand

The automaker Ford and the company Ekso Bionics (CA) teamed up to develop the EksoVest exoskeleton to ensure the well-being of workers in their plants in the United States who must perform the greatest physical effort.

The measure seeks to avoid physical damage to workers, severe injuries, in addition to ensuring performance and productivity. In this sense, the EksoVest reduces the tension of the muscles and provides support between 2.2 and 6.8 kilos.

The EksoVest weighs 4.3 kilos and provides employees with a lifting force according to the requirements of their work areas. It is a mechanical device that does not include any battery.

The device is expected to help decrease the physical cost of raising arms tens of times a day and millions of times a year. This will result in the health of the staff.

During the tests carried out to measure the operability of the portable exoskeleton, positive results were obtained. Currently, the pilot project is being developed in two plants in the United States, but they hope to extend it to Europe and South America.


Source: Cronica

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