Forbes will publish its contents in Civil blockchain

From the startup of journalism Civil Network announced this October 9th that the magazine specialized in financial issues will begin to publish from the blockchain platform from the first quarter of 2019

The specialized magazine Forbes announced that from the first quarter of 2019 its contents will be published on its website and, in addition, in the startup blockchain Civil Network.

With this measure they are looking for a new monetization model for their publications in view of the current crisis in the sector, together with the layoffs that occur in various journalistic media since 2017.

There are many firms that are currently struggling to cover expenses and stay in business. Forbes partnered with the independent journalism startup Civil Network to upload cryptocurrency content to its platform in the first phase of the initiative.

Civil works through virtual chips-tokens called CVL, which customers can buy for various purposes: select a space for a publication, give support to a media outlet or an independent journalist, establish a penalty in case a media or journalist does not meet the standards of the platform.

Through the announcement it was known that transactions on the Civil Network are made with the blockchain of Ethereum, although donations can also be made in other cryptocurrencies.

Given the contraction of the advertising market based on the old monetization model, Forbes’ strategy could be copied by other great means to rescue its publications.



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