First commercial space greenhouse to be launched in 2023

Redwire Corporation plans to launch the first commercial space greenhouse in the spring of 2023. It will play a decisive role in capturing information for NASA missions

This week, Redwire Corporation (RDW.N) announced that the first commercial space greenhouse is scheduled to launch in the spring of 2023.

The company has taken accelerated steps towards the development of technologies with application in the aerospace sector. In order to boost data collection and further research related to crops outside planet Earth, next year it will launch the first commercial space greenhouse.

According to information provided to the media, “the space infrastructure company’s project will help provide critical information for NASA’s Artemis missions and beyond, said Dave Reed, Redwire’s manager for the greenhouse project.”

Redwire has noted that its products include a fully automated plant cultivation system to enable research on the International Space Station. The first client in this initiative is expected to be the commercial agricultural technology company Dewey Scientific, to test the ability of humans to produce outside planet Earth.

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Source: diariotiempo

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