Facebook will withdraw information about politics

The Meta company announced that it will withdraw the information section called "Interested in"

Meta has sent a statement to Facebook users announcing that all profile information relating to the fields “Interested in” (the user’s sexual orientation), religious point of view and family information will be removed. political affiliation, on December 1st.

Entering personal data in the profile such as sexual orientation, religious belief and political affiliation is an option offered by the platform, as are other fields such as contact data, studies or the status of the personal relationship. However, the company decided to eliminate this information, which, until now, is found in the contact and basic information section.

In the Meta statement, it is detailed that the user will be able to download a copy of this information before it is permanently removed from the social network, which will occur on December 1st. Likewise, it ensures that the rest of the details will continue to be present in the profile along with the rest of the basic contact information.

The decision made by the company affects the control of users’ privacy, since it is a major concern for the company. In this sense, the elimination of this data joins other decisions related to privacy, such as private chats and increased security.

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Source: dpa

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