Facebook removes at least one million fake accounts a day

The CEO of the company, Mark Zuckerberg, addressed the issue of security and misinformation where he highlighted the measures they take to solve the situation

The social network Facebook faces the problem of misinformation through new automatic techniques and currently eliminates more than one million fake accounts a day, most “minutes after its creation.”

This was stated by the CEO and founder of the company, Mark Zuckerberg at a security event held in Germany.

The US director addressed the issue on the measures that Facebook is taking to combat misinformation and interference in elections.

Since 2016, in which Brexit or Russian interference took place in the US presidential elections, “the security landscape we face is not of traditional ‘hacks’, but of coordinated disinformation campaigns,” he explained.

In this sense, Facebook opted for implementing mechanisms such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems to detect harmful content proactively, with which over the past year it has identified 15 coordinated disinformation operations from countries such as Russia and Iran.

K. Tovar

Source: dpa

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