Emirates will accept payments with cryptocurrencies

The airline from the United Arab Emirates has plans to work with cryptocurrencies, as well as the launch of non-fungible tokens

The Emirates airline, the largest airline in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), announced that it plans to accept payments with cryptocurrencies, specifically bitcoin and non-fungible tokens (nft).

The objective of the nft is to be able to market them on all websites owned by the airline.

Emirates COO Adel Ahmed Al-Redha indicated that the Dubai-based airline will be onboarding new employees who will focus on projects related to blockchain technology, such as cryptocurrency payments, blockchain-based tracking, the metaverse and the NFTs.

According to Al-Redha, the use of blockchain technology will also have positive contributions for the control of aircraft.

In addition, the airline executive also pointed out that he could use the metaverse to transform his processes, such as operations, training, web sales and other airline-related experiences, into the digital world. The airline’s COO believes this will make processes “more interactive.”

K. Tovar

Source: Cointelegraph

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