Elon Musk will respect the European law against disinformation

The owner of the social network Twitter assured that it will follow the guidelines imposed by European law

The controversial owner of the social network Twitter, Elon Musk, declared in an interview that the platform “will comply with European legislation” aimed at combating disinformation and cyber-hate.

“Twitter will respect the law. If a law is enacted, I reiterate, Twitter is committed to respecting it,” said the billionaire when asked about the new regulations of the European Union (EU) in relation to digital services.

The interview with Musk, who also owns Tesla and SpaceX, was recorded on Friday during the VivaTech event in Paris.

The Digital Services Act (DSA) will come into force on August 25 and will force platforms to take “swift” action to remove any illegal content, on pain of facing fines of up to 6% of their revenue globally.

Twitter withdrew from the EU code of conduct against disinformation on the internet, established in 2018, at the end of May.

In the interview, Musk clarified that Twitter will not exceed “legal provisions” when it comes to censorship and free speech, citing the difficulty of defining what is considered “good or bad, acceptable” or not.

“However, if a law is enacted, as the law in a democracy represents the will of the people (…) it must be respected,” he emphasized.

K. Tovar

Source: Descifrado

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