Electoral court rejects Bolsonaro’s appeal against disqualification

Jair Bolsonaro's appeal against the disqualification imposed last year for the 2030 elections in Brazil was rejected by the highest electoral court

This Sunday, the rejection of the highest electoral court of Jair Bolsonaro’s appeal against the disqualification that was imposed on him last year for the 2030 elections in Brazil was announced.

The president of the Superior Electoral Court, Alexandre de Moraes, was in charge of making the decision, after considering “the appeal presented by the defense of the leader of the Liberal Party to be outside the rules.”

The ruling occurred on Friday, May 24, and was published in the electronic system of the Judiciary this Sunday, according to the state agency Agencia Brasil.

As will be remembered, the former president of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, was convicted “in two processes by the electoral court, which determined in 2023 that he had violated the rules to try to take advantage in the 2022 presidential elections, which he finally lost in the second round against the president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva.”

In the first conviction, Bolsonaro was disqualified until 2030 from participating in electoral processes. The argument was to have summoned ambassadors to the Alvorada Palace to denounce alleged fraud in the electoral system without evidence.

Regarding the second sentence, the former president was disqualified until 2030 after using the structure of the State during the events for the Bicentennial of Independence, on September 7, 2022, “to promote his presidential candidacy with his presence in Brasilia and Rio of Janeiro.”


Source: xinhuanet

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