FOSPUCA is paid easily and quickly through Bancamiga Online

With the purpose of offering more facilities to legal clients, Bancamiga adds the online payment of the FOSPUCA service to its range of options

Public and private companies now have the facility to consult and cancel the collection and transfer service of solid, urban and household waste, through Bancamiga en Línea.

The affiliation process is easy and fast. Go to, Payment of services, select the FOSPUCA image and complete the requested information.

Ease, comfort, security in payment of services

Thus, FOSPUCA joins Movistar, Digitel, Movilnet, Cantv, Corpoelec, Inter, Simple TV and Cobretag as services that can be canceled by Bancamiga en Línea, which also offers clients the possibility of paying municipal taxes, payment of VAT, VAT withholdings, ISLR advances, ISLR, ISLR withholdings, IGTF, the procedures of the Autonomous Registry and Notaries Service (SAREN) and the obligations associated with SUNAGRO.

Through this alliance with FOSPUCA, Bancamiga contributes to facilitating and improving the quality of life of Venezuelans, and reaffirms its interest in offering easy, comfortable and safe solutions for its clients and the public.

With information and reference image provided by Bancamiga

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