Ecopetrol established natural gas supply program to Colombia

Ecopetrol's plan to guarantee Colombia's gas supply in the 2024-2034 decade includes the issue of imports, discoveries and explorations

The Colombian oil company Ecopetrol established the roadmap for the local supply of natural gas in the 2024-2034 decade, which includes the import, discovery and exploration sectors, as well as the flexibility of the import of the item from Venezuela with a license from the United States.

Ecopetrol made the announcement during the Congress of the National Association of Public Services and Communications Companies of Colombia (Andesco), and added that it is estimated that “in 2025 there will be a shortage of 83 Gbtud (gigabritish thermal unit daily) of gas. Of these, 61 could be covered with national gas options.”

As an immediate measure to deal with it, the state company will import about 100 Gbtud of gas through the regasification system and possibly through the Antonio Ricaurte gas pipeline from Venezuela.

According to Ricardo Roa, president of Ecopetrol, “the company is able to guarantee supply in the short, medium and long terms, although it will require greater flexibility in regulations for marketing gas and flexibility in environmental and social permits and licenses.”

The hydrocarbon transportation and logistics company Cenit, together with the Venezuelan PDVSA, made the trip to identify that “the control stations were broken, for this reason, it would begin operating between 10 and 12 months.”

To this process initiated by Ecopetrol, a special license from the United States Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) would be added in order to expedite the import of Venezuelan gas as well as the elimination of restrictions on transportation infrastructure.

It is timely to highlight that the Colombian oil company is currently studying options to receive, store and regasify Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG).

“Starting in 2029, gas from offshore material discoveries is expected to begin entering. These include areas such as Uchuva, Gorgon and Glaucus in Caribbean waters.

Given this, the potential reserves discovered are between 4 and 12 cubic terapies (CTP), which could multiply the country’s current reserves up to 3 times.

The Mining and Energy Planning Unit (UPME) presented its study for gas supply up to 15 years. Three supply and demand scenarios have been evaluated; In addition, the construction of new gas pipelines, projects between Barranquilla and Barrancabermeja, among other aspects.


Source: americaeconomia

(Reference image source: Rose Galloway Green in Unsplash)

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