EA will have more games to create content

The video game company sees an excellent business opportunity in the development of titles that allow content to be created

Electronic Arts (EA) sees a business opportunity in titles that allow players to create their own content, so it plans to bet even more on this trend in the next “5 or 10 years“.

The CEO of the US company, Andrew Wilson, gave a conference this week for the US bank Goldman Sachs.

Wilson announced that EA plans to invest even more in giving creation tools to the players of its titles. As an example, Wilson referenced the “CollaboZones” present in the game Skate that can be built collaboratively and appear in other players’ worlds in real time.

The advisor mentioned FIFA, Battlefield and The Sims as other instances where EA offers its players opportunities to create. The manager has predicted that this trend will materialize in the next “5 or 10 years”. By then, he hopes that the creation of new worlds will coexist with those of his study.

K. Tovar

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Source: Axios

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