DuckDuckGo adopts Global Privacy Control by default

The advance refers to a configuration setting that establishes a preference for privacy to all visited websites

The DuckDuckGo search engine has enabled Global Privacy Control (GPC) by default, a configuration setting that sets a preference for privacy for all visited websites.

The GPC has been activated by default this Thursday for the DuckDuckGo mobile applications on iOS and Android, and for the desktop extensions in the Chrome, Firefox and Edge browsers, as the company reported in a publication on its official website.

As you explain, GPC is a browser or device setting that, when enabled, indicates to all visited websites a preference for privacy.

This setup follows the announcement made a few months ago by DuckDuckGo as a founding member of the GPC standard.

The measure will provide additional legal protection in certain jurisdictions for situations in which websites could sell or share the data with other companies, such as advertisers or intermediaries, after the user’s visit.

Source: dpa

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