Dubai becomes the world’s first paperless government

The government of Dubai announced this Saturday that they have completed their digital transformation, which began in 2018, making them the first paper-free country in the world

The digital transformation initiated by the Government of Dubai in 2018 has culminated and with this the country becomes the first in the world to be 100% paper-free. The information was released on December 11 by the crown prince of this emirate, Hamdan bin Mohamed bin Rashid.

“We are proud to announce that, today, the Government of Dubai has become the first government in the world free of papers,” the crown prince noted on Twitter, describing this achievement as a milestone that “consolidates the emirate as an example. to continue in the development of integrated digital services.

Dubai is paper free


In 2018, the Dubai Paperless Strategy was launched, comprising five phases, with the purpose of achieving the transformation of various government agencies in the emirate. In 2021 they have reached the goal.

In this process, 45 government entities are added that have reduced paper consumption by more than 336 million sheets, which translates into savings of 1.3 billion Emirati dirhams (about 354 million dollars).

It is important to note that this digital transformation in Dubai also has an impact on the workplace, since it has meant “a cut of 14 million hours of work for government employees, thanks to the automation of processes.”

“Today represents the beginning of a new stage on Dubai’s path to digitize life in all its aspects and guarantee consumer happiness,” Hamdan bin Mohamed emphasized.


Source: swissinfo

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