Dropbox launches Spaces 2.0 with new tools and features

Innovative applications will help remote teamwork

The Dropbox file storage platform has updated its Spaces collaborative work tool with the release of Spaces 2.0, which has new features and functions to help remote teamwork.

With this new version of Spaces, Dropbox aims to help teams “optimize their work, prioritize their day-to-day and work connected to make projects go ahead,” as explained by the company in a statement accessed by Europa Press.

Among the new features introduced in the Spaces 2.0 version are “Project Spaces”, which allows users to create a single space in which the internal team, external clients, content, timeline and tasks of the project draft are centralized.

For its part, the “Tasks” function allows you to create, manage, assign and comment on tasks in multiple projects, as well as attach project files to tasks and manage personal task lists, while the “Content” function allows users to search for the most important part of the project, as well as including files and searching for them across projects.

Finally, another of the new functions of Dropbox Spaces 2.0 is “Updates”, which allows the team to have a global vision of the project, as well as its evolution and updates. With this feature, users will also be able to attach files to posts and reply to comments.

Source: dpa

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