Discord is used to share malware tools

Una investigación realizada por Avast, determinó que jóvenes están usando los servidores de Discord para negociar con programas de hackeo

A community of teenage users take advantage of the Discord platform’s servers to build, trade, and spread malware, including ransomware and a mix of data thieves and crypto miners.

Discord hosts a community of young users, aged between 11 and 18, who seek to profit from the spread of malware or even play a prank on other people, including teachers, those who seek to hack the computer, or players of popular titles, in which case the goal is account theft.

This follows from a recent investigation by the cybersecurity company Avast, which analyzed the servers where community exchanges, discussion forums and sales sites take place, which give access to different malware builders and toolkits to build programs. malicious easily.

Joining these types of groups is not free; in some cases, interested parties have to buy access to the malware construction tool to join, and in others, they can become a member by paying a nominal fee of 5 to 25 euros for the tool.

“Malware writers provide an affordable and easy way to hack someone and brag about it to your peers, and even a way to make money through ransomware, crypto mining, and selling user data,” he said. Avast malware researcher Jan Holman in a statement.

The community uses specialized Discord servers to spread malware families like Lunar, Snatch or Rift, which follow the current trend of malware as a service. The prices of malware construction tools differ depending on the type of tool and the duration of access to it.

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Source: dpa

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