Discord incorporates voice messages, with an extension of 20 minutes

The company included voice messages on its platform, which will allow recordings to be shared with friends

Discord incorporated voice messages into its platform, a tool that will allow users to share audio recordings with their friends, up to 20 minutes long, for the moment only from their mobile phones.

Voicemail is available on Discord for sending via DM, Group DM, and on a server with fewer than 200 members, and only on the mobile version.

The company qualifies that despite the limitation in sending, users can listen to the voice message on any device from which they have access to the platform, as detailed on its Support page.

With this novelty, users, instead of writing, will be able to record themselves with the microphone button that they will see both in direct messages and on the server. These are not sent automatically, rather the user has the option to discard or send them.

From Discord, they explain that a voice message can have a maximum extension of 20 minutes. It does not support the upload of audio files, but the user has to record himself at the moment, for now only in the mobile app.

Source: dpa

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