Diginex is listed on Nasdaq with the EQUOS Origin (EQO) token

Users interested in participating will only be able to acquire the token by trading within the EQUOS exchange

Renowned Asia-based digital asset financial services firm Diginex has announced the launch of a cryptocurrency called EQUOS Origin (EQO), making it the first Nasdaq-listed company to also issue its own crypto asset.

Those users who wish to participate in Diginex and win a token will have to trade from the cryptocurrency exchange EQUOS itself. Another option is by staking on the exchange, for which a minority part of the daily allocation will be sent to the EQUOS treasury.

According to the announcement, the coin, which lacks supply or mining capacity, is in line with EQUOS “values ​​of transparency, justice and equality” and also “is issued specifically to boost activity, volume and balances in the platform. It has been carefully designed to incentivize traders to trade and holders to maintain and bring balances to the platform,” as stated by CEO Richard Byworth.

Diginex says bitcoin will reach $ 175,000

The Diginex CEO assures that according to his company’s projections the popular cryptocurrency could reach $ 175,000 by the end of the year, highlighting that the growing interest of companies has been key in this process.

He stressed that currently there are “macro hedge fund managers who have been in this space for some time. Now you’re starting to see some of the bond types get involved in this space.”


Source: elaxioma

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