Decentralized Stock Exchange of Venezuela operates with more than 3,000 participants

The system works through the Pi Markets platform where the person can download the application from any device

The Decentralized Stock Exchange of Venezuela (BDVE) operates with more than 3 thousand 700 participants, as announced by the vice-president of the institution, José Ignacio Guarino, who also stated that out of 25 million people who live in the Caribbean country, there are 50 thousand active investors among the different stock exchanges that operate in Venezuela.

Guarino assured that the work carried out by the institution aims to strengthen the “blockchain technology” in order to turn it into a “completely public and auditable tool.”

The businessman assured that in Venezuela “you can save, because there are shares and securities for all investment profiles” and with great potential that bets on the Caracas Stock Exchange, the Decentralized Stock Exchange and the Bicentennial Public Stock Exchange can serve of stimulus in the reactivation of the nation’s economy.

Guarino gave as an example the Apple company that is listed on the New York Stock Exchange and other markets and this “does not bother the issuer because it has more niches to sell its shares.

From this scenario, the representative of the institution affirmed that BDVE is the correct way to stimulate the financial engine of Venezuela, because “it is the only mechanism where you match surplus agents with deficit agents” and where it also provides investors the opportunity to choose your transactions with bolivars, dollars or cryptocurrencies.


Source: bancaynegocios

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