Cybercriminals prefer cryptojacking attacks

A report prepared by Darktrace determined that the attacks through this route grew 78% during 2018, and that this trend has been maintained this year

A report prepared by the security firm Darktrace ensures that criminals in the network tend to use attacks with a slow and silent approach, such as “cryptojacking“.

At first, this type of criminal bet on the use of ransomwares, which became fashionable after causing havoc in the United Kingdom, the United States and Europe.

Despite this, the malwares designed to Monero mining, taking advantage of the electricity and the bandwidth of the victims, are proving to be more lucrative for cyberdevelopers.

Darktrace determined that in 2018 attacks with cryptojacking grew by 78%. This trend is being appreciated in the same way in the three months of the year 2019 that have elapsed.

The director of the cyber security area of ​​the company Max Heinemeyer, said that “cryptojacking is a silent and slow procedure and guarantees a benefit“.

K. Tovar

Source: Computerworlduck

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