Zoom reinforces platform security measures

The video conferencing tool added new features that will prevent intruders from entering calls

The Zoom video calling application added new security features to prevent intruders from entering the virtual meetings, a phenomenon known as ‘zoombombing‘.

Zoom had announced that it would form a team of external experts, and now the company formalized its creation, with the presence of cybersecurity expert from Stanford University (United States) Alex Stamos, formerly member of Facebook and Yahoo.

“Zoom still has important work to do on its application security, crypto design, and security infrastructure”, Stamos said through his Medium page.

In addition, the video conferencing tool announced a series of measures to improve its security, led by the introduction of a new icon that brings together all the security tools of the service for meeting organizers.

Features for administrators include closing the call, creating a waiting room and removing participants, or sharing the screen or chatting, as the company has reported in a statement.

The video call application has also stopped showing the caller ID in the title of the calls. This measure prevents others from being able to find out these identifiers, for example, by posting traps, as well as intruders entering calls.

K. Tovar

Source: dpa

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