Cryptocurrencies and retail businesses will get along

The CTO of the Walmart chain spoke about the role that cryptocurrencies will have within payment methods

The Director of Technology (CTO) of the Walmart store and warehouse chain, Suresh Kumar, spoke about the role that cryptocurrencies are having within businesses and payment systems in general.

During Yahoo Finance!’s All Markets Summit conference, Kumar highlighted the role of digital assets within retail businesses, comparing it to his business’s stance on these assets.

“I’ve talked before about how customers get inspired and discover products, that’s changing, and some of that will happen in the metaverse”, Kumar said, adding that in the future it will be possible to purchase products, physical or virtual, through social applications on the Web3.

The executive also announced that Walmart is ready to enter the disruptions, and pointed out that the company plans to adapt to customer demand, as well as new payment needs. He suggested in this regard that the company could be preparing to integrate crypto payments.

“Cryptocurrencies will become an important part of how customers transact. We want to make sure that we do it without friction so that customers can transact and buy, and get value from it”, said the CTO.

K. Tovar

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