China will ban anonymity in blockchain and cryptocurrency operations

After the success of bitcoin in 2017, Asians began to become frequent users of this branch, something that did not generate much satisfaction in the government

It is no secret to anyone that China has always been an enemy of cryptocurrencies, something that was confirmed with its new action related to the prohibition of anonymity in the transactions of cryptocurrencies and blockchain.

The “boom” of bitcoin in 2017, when it reached over 14,000 dollars, generated an increase in the use of this digital asset in many regions of the world such as China. Since then, the Asian government has taken measures to fight against this industry.

Several rumors claim that the current management approved the use of a guide that will force blockchain users to reveal their identity to the authorities in order to continue with the operation. The plan is for this rule to be effective as of February 15th of this year.

This also affects users who run a network node for cryptocurrencies or are involved in the use of mobile applications for information services.

Companies will also be required to share their government registration code in order to continue operating normally.

K. Tovar

Source: Coincrispy

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