Chile enacted comprehensive to address violence against women

The government of Chile enacted the comprehensive law to address violence against women. The event was led by the Minister of Women and Gender Equality, Antonia Orellana, who highlighted the importance of prevention, protection, care and reparation for victims

The Chilean Minister of Women and Gender Equality, Antonia Orellana, led this Saturday the event where the women violence law was promulgated.

The legal instrument was promulgated after seven years of processing before the Chilean Congress. The minister highlighted the importance of victims’ access to justice, as well as the implementation of prevention, protection, care, and reparation mechanisms.

Orellana pointed out that the new law incorporates “boys and girls as full-fledged victims, not only as witnesses of the violence suffered by their mothers and primary caregivers, but also recognizing them with all the scientific evidence available as full-fledged people to whom it also affects this situation.”

The Chilean government is thus advancing more effective mechanisms aimed at breaking the cycle of violence transmitted from generation to generation.

The law strengthens areas such as precautionary measures and “establishes judicial supervision mechanisms to guarantee their adequate compliance, in addition to expanding them to crimes of gender violence and attacks that occur outside filial, emotional or cohabitation relationships.”


Source: swissinfo

(Reference image source: Unsplash+, in collaboration with Getty Images)

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