Chatbots revolutionize customer service

Automated chats are applied in areas such as marketing and advertising, health and banking

Every day people must settle passwords, obtain banking information, request medical appointments or buy items, among others. In this sense, computerized attention is increasingly gaining ground with chatbots through applications that can be downloaded to smart devices.

Chatbots are computer programs designed to hold a meaningful conversation where information is needed or to perform a certain action. In this way, the client, who has already installed the corresponding application to his smartphone, only needs to establish the connection and start the conversation. The same chat allows keeping several bots integrated.

This tool is part of the advance of Artificial Intelligence at the service of the common citizen. Chatbots can be of two types: with script and those of natural language thinking. In the first, the system follows a route between the predetermined options to which the client has access to make a decision. But the second one takes into account business models for complex uses, where the analysis intervenes.

Currently, many companies have implemented chatbots to their platforms to offer customers or subscribers immediate and efficient attention. The objective is to solve problems or simply give an adequate response to each need. Areas such as advertising and marketing, public and private banking, medical assistance, automotive industry, fast food, are already using this tool.

The chatbots have become a kind of modern virtual assistants, where voice recognition or the ability to offer specific content has been included. The developers work on the predictive ability to offer products tailored to the client.


Source: MReady

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