Charities accept donations in cryptocurrencies

New currencies are changing the world of philanthropy

Large corporations, international brands and even political organizations around the world are making much noise regarding the use of cryptocurrencies. However, other actors such as NGOs prefer to remain low profile. This allows them to obtain donations for charity and support actions with subtlety but efficiently.

The blockchain technology and the bitcoin got the main role in this dynamic for the use of cryptocurrencies in the universe of philanthropy. Organizations such as the Red Cross, United Way, Pineapple Fund and the Foundation for the Electronic Frontier have seen donations in cryptocurrency to support their causes increased in 2017.

In this regard, digital currencies such as Pinkcoin, Cleanwatercoin, and fund tracking tools such as Alice and GiveTrack have been created. On the other hand, blockchain technology is considered by these foundations and NGOs as transparent, and it also generates greater confidence in the public regarding charities.


Source: Cointelegraph

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