Center of Creativity in Innovation of the Arts and Entrepreneurship is inaugurated in Porlamar

The initiative of Bancamiga, the Aprendo y Emprendo organization and the Francisco Narváez Museum of Contemporary Art will benefit 360 people in a first stage

In order to become a space for the training and growth of the artists of Nueva Esparta, the Center for Creativity and Innovation of the Arts and Entrepreneurship in Porlamar was inaugurated this Monday, October 24.

The initiative promoted by Bancamiga, the Aprendo y Emprendo organization and the Francisco Narváez Museum of Contemporary Art seeks to train 360 beneficiaries in programs that promote the development of soft, technical and specialized skills to stimulate creativity and innovation, based on strengthening of the arts and entrepreneurship as a way of life.

The director of Social Responsibility of Bancamiga, Milagro González, indicated that at the end of the programming linked to the entrepreneurship component, Bancamiga will have a database that will allow it to present financial products and services to interested parties so that they can boost their businesses.

“This is an ideal way to continue providing opportunities to artists and entrepreneurs who aspire to develop and innovate in their areas,” he added.


The Francisco Narváez Museum becomes a place for creation, with the support of Bancamiga

For Mauricio Parilli, CEO of the Aprendo y Emprendo Organization, the whole team has great expectations for the start of the project, since it undoubtedly mobilizes three objectives: to motivate young artists to develop their talent, to support the crystallization of the project of those who have a recognized advance and bring the museum closer to a community that surrounds it and needs it as a space for innovation and recreation.

The General Director of the Museum, Amanda Soriano, stated that the initiative will allow the promotion and development of the creative sector, turning the Francisco Narváez into a beacon of knowledge, education, training and humanity. In a place for creation.

The Center for Creativity and Innovation in the Arts and Entrepreneurship will include outstanding professionals in its course offerings and programming, including Olga Mandarino, Mayra Rivero, Ana María Zoughbi, Aby de la Rosa, Carlos Calderón, Floralba Pérez, Jesús Bauza, Rodolfo Manrique, Raúl Reyes, Mónica Villarroel, Sirius Duque, Milagros Oyón, Gustavo Goncalves, Amanda Soriano, Javier Volcanes, Isabel Gómez, Karla Hernández, Kirian Millán and Mauricio Parilli.

Bancamiga Banco Universal’s support for this project is framed in its Corporate Social Responsibility plan, which considers entrepreneurship as an essential strategy in its management, which has four fields of action: education, culture, environment and sports.

The first cohort will end in December.

With information from Bancamiga and the Center for Creativity and Innovation of Arts and Entrepreneurship

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