Caracas Stock Index ended this Friday, May 24, at 65,752.09 points

A total of 13 million 431 thousand 515 bolivars were traded on the Caracas Stock Exchange between May 20 and 24, 2024

Market Summary from May 20 to 24, 2024

On the Caracas Stock Exchange, between May 20 and 24, 2024, a total of 13 million 431 thousand 515 bolivars were traded.

In variable income, 798 purchase/sale operations of shares of companies registered on the listing board were carried out, in which 14 million 096 thousand 176 shares were traded, for a total of 5 million 526 thousand 479 bolivars.

In the forward market, deals were completed for an amount of 2 million 144 thousand 732 bolivars, as a result of the transaction of 8 million 550 thousand 749 shares.

In the alternative market, BVC Alternativo, 97 shares were traded this week, for a total effective amount of 2,066 bolivars.

In this period, 91 Stock Financing Certificates were registered in the Other Goods Market, for a total of 30 million 921 thousand 781 bolivars.

In fixed income, instruments were traded for an effective amount of 7 million 905 thousand 035 bolivars in 14 operations.

The main index of the Caracas Stock Exchange, IBC, opened the period at 62,859.55 points and closed it at 65,752.09 points, with a variation of 2,892.54 points (+4.60 %) in 5 days of operations. So far this year, this indicator has registered a variation of 7,919.63 points (+13.69 %).

The most traded stocks

The Top 10 of the most traded securities in the week is made up of the values ​​of Banco Provincial (Bs 3,265,027.80), Banco Nacional de Crédito (Bs 500,584.06), Ron Santa Teresa (Bs 469,285.76), Envases Venezuelans (Bs 185,245.75), Caracas Stock Exchange (Bs 158,037.56), Venealterna Class B (Bs 127,856.98), Banco de Venezuela (Bs 117,943.20), Ron Santa Teresa Class B (Bs 110,845.81), Real Estate Securities Fund Class B (Bs 109,133.94), CANTV Class D (Bs 104,798.25).

It is followed by the shares of Banco del Caribe Class A (Bs 84,429.94), Domínguez & Cía (Bs 67,892.60), Arca, Inmueble y Valores Class B (Bs 38,854.50), Mercantil Servicios Financieros Class B (Bs 26,846, 00), among others.

Securities that rose in price

The securities whose prices increased during the period were Fondo de Valores Inmobiliarios Class A (+33.33 %), Cerámica Carabobo (+19.89 %), Grupo Zuliano (+19.77 %), Corporación Grupo Químico (+ 15.38 %), Caracas Stock Exchange (+14.76 %), Protinal (+12.25 %), Mercantil Servicios Financieros Class B (+11.22 %), Corimon (+10.36 %), Ron Santa Teresa (+10.00 %), Pivca Class B (+5.26 %), Mercantil Servicios Financieros Class A (+3.77 %), Ron Santa Teresa Class B (+3.39 %), Banco de Venezuela (+2.82 %), CANTV Class D (+2.75 %), Venezuelan Containers (+2.22 %), Fábrica Nacional de Cementos (+2.00 %), Banco Provincial (+1.37 %).

Closing session of the week

The main index of the Caracas Stock Exchange, the IBC, ended this Friday at 65,752.09 points with a variation of 944.94 points (+1.46%), compared to the previous session.

The Diario de la Bolsa reports that the Financial Index ended the day at 113,604.02 points, with an absolute variation of 1,321.86 points (+1.18%) and the Industrial Index closed at 36,561.36 points (+2.15 %)

At the end of the session, 10 stocks rose in price, 7 fell and 8 remained stable.

135 operations of purchase/sale of shares of the companies registered on the listing board were carried out, in which 2 million 848 thousand 508 shares were traded for 3 million 218 thousand 931 bolivars.

In the forward market, 285,807 shares were traded for an amount of 983,678 bolivars.

In the BVC Alternativo, 19 shares were traded for 1,424 bolivars.

In the fixed income market, in the primary sector, operations were carried out for a total of 839 thousand 960 bolivars.

In the Other Goods Market, 20 stock financing certificates were registered for 7 million 845 thousand 269 bolivars.


With information and images provided by the Caracas Stock Exchange

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