Bancamiga Móvil celebrates one year traveling through Venezuela 

During its first 12 months, the unit has carried out 66 operations in Caracas and in the interior of the country, which has allowed the opening of 14,864 accounts

Bancamiga celebrates the first anniversary of Bancamiga Móvil, a project that has been a bridge of inclusion and access to financial services for all sectors of society.

The executive president of Bancamiga, Ariel Martínez, indicated that in its first 12 months, Bancamiga Móvil carried out 66 operations in the states of Falcón, Lara, Zulia, Bolívar, Distrito Capital and Aragua, which allowed 14,864 accounts to be opened.

“It has been a year of tireless work for the Fuerza Móvil team. For Bancamiga, the Mobile Unit is synonymous with innovation. It is taking the bank to places where others have not gone, and thus being able to bank as many Venezuelans as possible,” he added.

People with Bancamiga Móvil have the opportunity to learn about and acquire the products and services offered by the bank

In Bancamiga Móvil, people have the opportunity to learn about and acquire the products and services offered by the bank, including opening accounts with minimum requirements, changing cards, the Bancamiga Debit Card, the Debit Card for minors (Kids) and the versatile points of sale, developed in alliance with Soluciones Integrales Tecnológica SITCA.

For the Regional Manager of Fuerza Móvil, Reinaldo Velásquez, it has been “a period of hard work, commitments and satisfaction. Seeing all the successes we have achieved in each operation is enriching. Each challenge overcome has made us stronger, it has united us as a team and has reminded us of the noble purpose that drives us: to provide opportunities and financial services to those who need it most,” regardless of distance or adversity.

One of the aspects to highlight this year was the possibility of offering innovative services and products in remote locations. “Customers are still very surprised to be able to do their operations in a mobile unit. “It is something new for everyone,” added Velásquez.

The Bancamiga Móvil began its journey when between May 18 and 23, 2023 it was at the Petare Metro station, in Plaza El Cristo (redoma) and in the Giorgio building (Centro Prestigio Giorgio), headquarters of the mayor’s office of Sucre, in Boleíta Sur, Miranda.

On this first anniversary, Bancamiga renews its commitment to move forward and grow together as a country. Also to reaffirm its commitment to banking more Venezuelans and offer tailored facilities that allow them to satisfy their financial needs.

To learn more about Bancamiga Móvil, we invite you to watch this video:

With information and images provided by Bancamiga

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