Brand registration in the metaverse grew more than 160% this year

Interest in the metaverse has led to a rapid increase in new companies seeking to expand and provide closer experiences to their customers in this environment

Technology is advancing at a fast pace. Brands must adapt to new environments and ways of providing their services and offering their products. The metaverse is at the top of the list of options this year, when the number of trademarks registered in this environment exceeds 160 %.

Lawyer specialized in the matter Mike Kondoudis has closely studied the phenomenon, pointing out that the big brands have decided to explore not only the metaverse but also the advantages of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and Web3.

According to Kondoudis, this year “has been far from a bull year for the cryptocurrency market, but it was a very growth cycle for other areas of the ecosystem. In particular, there was an explosion of the metaverse and the world of non-fungible tokens (NFTs).”




When comparing the situation with 2021, a striking difference is observed, since in that year 1,890 brands decided to register their services in the metaverse and in 2022 4,997 brands did so. With the projection that by the end of the period it will be above 5,000 companies.

Regarding applications for NFTs, the trademark specialist adds that although there was a drop “in the volume of operations and sales of the largest trading platforms, registrations tripled in 2022; last year it closed with 2,142 trademarks, and this year it already has 6,855″.

It is possible to foresee that the World Cup in Qatar will accelerate the increase in this figure, given the essence of the event and its impact on the platforms and initiatives of fan tokens.


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