Blockchain technology reaches the online gaming segment

FunFair is a platform based on this decentralized technology that seeks benefits not only for casinos but also for players, developers and associated companies

FunFair Technologies is a solution for the online gaming sector, aimed at casinos, players, developers and companies associated with this segment of the entertainment industry.

Its creators, Jez San Obe (CEO), Jeremy Longley (CTO) and David Greyling (COO) seek to pave the way for new companies to launch online casinos. The ambitious plan of FunFair that in the future “anyone who proposes it, can run their own casino.”

The blockchain technology provides the security, transparency and stability that the company requires, particularly because it involves bets, rewards, payments, licenses and other financial and business aspects.

It is important to clarify that it is not an online casino. FunFair is a project “installed on the Ethereum platform, so it seeks to enable cheap, high quality, transparent and fair casino services, and intends to do so for physical casinos, online casinos and available games of chance on smartphones.”

The proposal has received the support of long-established consortiums, consolidated in the world of technologies, such as Consensys, Newswire, iGamingBusiness, CNBC and CalvinAyre. This represents support for the development of technological initiatives for the gaming sector.

Casino operators will have the option to customize the gaming experience for their users. These will be regulated through smart contracts. The platform offers players honesty and transparency; to the casinos reduction in costs, since they only need the amount to start the business and to developers a part of the income.



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