Blockchain AnkhLabs promises digital immortality

The platform will give users the possibility to create their everlasting digital identity

Throughout history, man has been captivated by the idea of ​​immortality. In terms of digital identity, the blockchain platform AnkhLabs is a pioneer in offering permanence over time to users.

Through its BeANKH product, based on blockchain, artificial intelligence and big data, the company can create a digital version of the user based on the main personal characteristics.

This will be possible once the technology has the capacity to interpret the algorithms of human thought and replicate them, as well as the patterns of thought and decision making.

While the person is alive, the online version will act as a personal assistant that will establish an agenda of activities, with priorities and reminders. When the user dies, those who survive will be able to communicate with its digital version.

The applications are practically unlimited. It will allow a secure storage of data, passwords, cryptocurrencies that can be released after the death.

The initiative of the company AnkhLabs is developing a web portal and an application with a 3D avatar, camera to capture the emotions and the possibility of connecting with third parties.


Source: The Blockchain

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