Bitcoin Cash launches tipping application

Through the new platform, registered users in Github will be able to tip each other with BCH

Bitcoin Cash launched its new tipping platform for Github users called on Firday 22nd. Through this system, users can give tips to others for help solving problems or with any particular aspect.

According to Bitcoin Cash spokespeople, the GitCash platform supports custom user profiles as well as full-featured HD wallets to generate and sweep paper wallets protected by passwords. It is a free tool for users and non profit.

As the developers promise, the transactions will be very fast. Users can fully trust as they have done in all innovations from BCH until now. From the Bitcoin Cash Fund it was known that the platform recently launched to the market will have a monthly support of $ 1,000 for the next months.

The platform works by connecting through Github, without a password to remember while all its information is kept secure and confidential. Then, the users only have to withdraw the corresponding funds they wish to assign and this will be reflected in their balance sheets.

Behind the launch of this application are experts in the crypto world and the practical application of the chains systems to the general public. They work with enthusiasm, convinced of the benefits that they have managed to bring to the masses.



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