Binance scam leads to arrest of two people in Venezuela

The Cicpc arrested two individuals in the Guárico state, for an irregular situation related to cryptocurrencies

The director of the Scientific and Criminal Investigations Corps (Cicpc), Douglas Rico, reported on the arrest of two subjects in the State of Guárico, Venezuela, related to a cryptocurrency scam.

Officials attached to the municipal delegation of San Juan de los Morros arrested the two subjects who were engaged in fraud and fraud with crypto assets through the cryptocurrency exchange application Binance.

The security forces identified those arrested as 21-year-old Leonardo Manuel Rodríguez Bolívar and 27-year-old Aarón Sinahe Yépez Paredes, who were involved in the cryptocurrency scam, as can be read in the official’s account.

Rico pointed out a third subject of the criminal gang named Wilker Alfredo Hernández Bolívar, 20 years old, “who is wanted and requested for various dishonest crimes and apparently is the one who engaged in the illegal transactions of the criminal gang for the purchases of crypto assets on the Binance platform.”

As described by the director of the Cicpc, the modus operandi consisted on  the victims “receiving the alleged payments for the purchase of the cryptocurrencies and the people affected once they realized that said transaction was blocked, they were unable to identify the person who had already made the transaction”.

At the time of the capture of the two subjects, they found in his possession 1,133 dollars that came from the scams they carried out, a laptop where they made their transactions and two mobile phones; which will be subjected to computer expertise to determine the modus operandi of this criminal gang that used the asset purchase platform to commit crimes and enrich themselves illegally.

K. Tovar

Source: Cointelegraph

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