United States imposes new tariffs on EU

Donald Trump confirmed on Tuesday his government's decision to impose US $ 11,000 million on the European Union proposed by the Office of the US Trade Representative

Donald Trump, president of the United States, accepted the proposal of the Office of Trade Representative based on the public subsidies received by the aeronautical company Airbus and confirmed the imposition of new tariffs on the European Union for 11,000 million dollars.

According to the World Trade Organization (WTO), the subsidy that Airbus obtained from the EU had a negative impact on the country, so now the agency is subject to impositions by the US administration.

Trump has emphasized through his Twitter account that the European Union has taken advantage of Washington’s commercial aspect for years and has ruled that such a situation will soon end.

After the announcement by the president of the United States, it was learned that the sanctions applied not only to Airbus and the rest of the aeronautical industry, but also included food items such as wine, olive oil and cheese, among others.

In any case, the United States has also been accused by the European Union due to the country’s aid to Boeing. In this sense, the WTO ruling issued on March 28 establishes that the US “It has granted Boeing subsidies contrary to international regulations, which have harmed Airbus and distorted the market.”

Discussions continue, although for the moment, Trump seems to have an advantage over the EU through the ruling in his favor issued this week by the World Trade Organization.


Source: Elnuevodiario.com

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