Bancamiga receives payment of national and municipal taxes

Clients, natural and legal, can pay the taxes of the municipalities of Sucre, Baruta, El Hatillo, the Bolivarian Mayor of Caroní (Bolívar) and the Mayor of Girardot (Aragua), safely, quickly and immediately, at any time of the day through Bancamiga Online or the Bancamiga Suite application

Bancamiga Banco Universal continues to be the financial entity of reference in the banking sector, receiving 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, the payment of Ordinary and Special Taxpayers of the National Customs and Tax Administration Service (SENIAT©), through Bancamiga online and Bancamiga Suite, indicates an explanatory statement.

All Ordinary Taxpayers and those classified by SENIAT as Special can pay VAT, VAT withholdings, ISLR advances, ISLR, ISLR Withholdings, IGTF and any other tax under SENIAT control, with ease, thanks to the fact that Bancamiga has with a modern platform that allows immediate payment management, any day and at any time.

For Bancamiga, one of the most important financial institutions in the country, it is essential to simplify the lives of customers. That is why when you enter Bancamiga Online or Bancamiga Suite and go to the Public Organizations/SENIAT option, you can pay your taxes or those of third parties. The latter prior authorization on the SENIAT portal, as detailed in the information.

The obligations associated with that Institution can also be paid through the Public Organizations/SUNAGRO option.

More facilities for all taxpayers

In recent months, the possibilities have been expanded for natural and legal clients to make payments of municipal taxes, through the option of Public Organizations/CITY HALLS: of the mayors of Sucre, Baruta, El Hatillo, Bolivarian Mayor of Caroní ( Bolívar) and Mayor of Girardot (Aragua), safely, quickly and immediately, at any time of the day. Likewise, Bancamiga continues in an accelerated manner in the process of incorporating new mayors’ offices and other payments.

The executive president of Bancamiga, Ariel José Martínez Coujil, expressed his satisfaction with the efforts to improve the quality of life of customers, optimizing their time when carrying out these procedures digitally and from anywhere without the need to do so in person.

Bancamiga is consolidated in the financial system as a bank with high standards and quality of service that makes processes easier and more innovative for natural and legal persons, the institution highlighted.

With information from Bancamiga

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