Bancamiga opens branch number 24 in La Rinconada

The new commercial agency joins those located in Altamira, La Castellana, Chacao, Propatria, Sabana Grande, Cementerio, Palo Verde, Parque Humboldt and Ibarras, in Caracas

With the inauguration of a new agency this Tuesday, May 25 in La Rinconada, Bancamiga Banco Universal continues its growth by reaching 24 branches throughout the country.

In the large, comfortable and comfortable space, Bancamiga staff will be available to meet the needs of customers quickly and efficiently.

Bancamiga’s executive president, Ariel Martínez, pointed out that the inauguration of the agency is one more step to comply with the bank’s objectives and general guidelines, and with which the institution reaffirms its commitment to its clients and to Venezuela.

Dayana Mora, manager of the La Rinconada agency, when cutting the ribbon and opening Bancamiga’s 24 agency

He said he was “proud” that this space could be made a reality in record time, which will meet the expectations of a large area in the west of the city.

With this agency, Bancamiga confirms that it continues in an upward line, working every day to expand its network. “We have been one of the few institutions that in recent times we have worried about opening new offices, because we believe that these are small and important steps in the country. It is ideal to offer banking services and products based on variety, innovation, sensitivity and speed.

For Isolina Fragachán, Business Director, La Rinconada is an important challenge, where with teamwork, perseverance and discipline, it is possible to achieve the objectives set and attract a population as important as the one that revolves around the National Institute of Racetracks.

“At Bancamiga there is passion for what is done and that same passion will be the one that we will show in customer service and in the offer of products and services. I am convinced of success,” he added.

In the center, the executive president of Bancamiga, Ariel Martínez

The manager of the La Rinconada agency, Dayana Mora, said that in the new facilities they will have all the support to contribute to the growth of the businesses.

The new offices will be in the Administrative Headquarters, INH Headquarters Building, PB, Coche, Libertador Municipality, Capital District.

La Rinconada joins the Altamira, La Castellana, Chacao, Propatria, Sabana Grande, Cementerio, Palo Verde, Parque Humboldt and Ibarras agencies in Caracas; Los Teques, Charallave Sur, Santa Teresa del Tuy and Guatire in the state of Miranda; Maiquetía in Vargas; Plaza Gallery in Maracay (Aragua); Boulevard Plaza and Guaparo, in Carabobo; Puerto Ordaz and Upata in Bolívar; Puerto La Cruz in Anzoátegui; Maturín in Monagas; Barinas, in the state of Barinas and Barquisimeto in Lara.

With this agency, Bancamiga contributes to the creation of new jobs, at a time when Venezuela and the world have been affected by a pandemic. It also demonstrates the constant growth that it has had in recent years, which has been supported by the effort and mystique of each of the collaborators in offering innovative products and services to their clients, which have led the institution to rank among the largest profitable banks in the country, indicates the institution.


With information from Bancamiga

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