Bancamiga expanded its services to Punto Fijo and expands geographic coverage in Venezuela

The financial institution already has 16 Bancamiga Points distributed throughout the national territory and concrete plans to continue growing

Bancamiga Banco Universal extends the offer of products and services to Punto Fijo (Falcón state – Venezuela) with the opening of a Bancamiga Point, in alliance with MRW.

The office is located on Monagas street, between Garcés and Zamora, Lucriscar building, on the ground floor, where clients will manage the opening of accounts, among which the Cash Account and the Foreign Currency Account in dollars and euros, Card applications stand out. Debit and International Debit Card. Likewise, all models of Points of Sale will be available.

Richard Valera, Manager of Non-Banking Correspondents at Bancamiga, highlighted that “the institution wants to reach places where there were no financial headquarters before and produce a positive impact in other areas of the country where we were not”.

Valera added that “with the support of our ally MRW we offer better services and a variety of products to each of our new clients.”

The manager highlighted that Bancamiga currently has 16 points in the national territory and it is estimated to significantly expand the number of branches in the first quarter of this year 2021.

Likewise, before the end of this month, two new offices will be inaugurated located in Guanare, Portuguesa state and in Valera, Trujillo state.

  • Valera: Calle 5 between Av. Bolivar and 9. Don Pepe Professional Building. Pb, Local MRW. Valera state trujillo.
  • Guanare: Av Jose Maria Vargas, C.C. Revica Galpon, Nro 4. Sector El Cambio, Guanare, Portuguesa.

G. Febres

With information from Bancamiga

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