Bancamiga celebrated Women’s Day with community entrepreneurs

The activity took place at the San Miguel Arcángel Parish, in El Cementerio, in Caracas, where more than 70 participants had the opportunity to connect with the advice of facilitators in business development, financing and innovation

Bancamiga celebrated International Women’s Day with the forum I am a woman and I undertake, as part of its business development program to motivate attendees about the possibilities of promoting business initiatives in Venezuela, prepare to face the challenges and help them take advantage of the opportunities. opportunities that exist in the market.

The activity took place at the San Miguel Arcángel Parish, in El Cementerio, in Caracas, where the participants had the opportunity to connect and share with a group of facilitators who specified key aspects, opportunities and challenges of the process to develop a venture.

The president of the Board of Directors of Bancamiga Banco Universal, Carmelo De Grazia, pointed out that this forum is an “example of the bank’s social commitment to a sector of society that requires recognition and support to grow its initiatives. Our purpose is to continue opening opportunities for entrepreneurs who strive to materialize their projects.”

Milagro González, director of Social Responsibility at Bancamiga, indicated that the activity brought together “a group of more than 70 women for training as community entrepreneurs, to join the celebration of International Women’s Day and support the fifth sustainable development goal. of the United Nations (UN), which seeks precisely to achieve gender equality by the year 2030.”

Comprehensive training with the support of Bancamiga

The forum began with the intervention of the General Director of the Association of Women Entrepreneurs of Venezuela, Peggy Rivas, with a presentation entitled Entrepreneurship from being a woman, because “it is essential to open spaces for dialogue and reflection on the experiences, challenges and opportunities that women face in this area.”

For his part, Luis Moreno, specialist in Organizational Development and coach in entrepreneurship and innovation, facilitated the Financing conference: Why and for what?, explaining the importance, as well as the advantages of loans to leverage business initiatives.

To end the day, Oskayda Alvarado, manager of Entrepreneurship and Special Plans at Bancamiga, detailed the bank’s portfolio of products and services specially adapted for people starting a business, with the intention of promoting the diversification and production of goods and services, as well as its incorporation into the economic development of the country.

Special attention for the sector

During her speech, Alvarado highlighted Credimujer, strategically designed to promote economic growth by providing women and entrepreneurs with tools to achieve their goals and make their projects a reality.

Credimujer offers access to loans with a preferential rate of 6 %, payable in 12 months, with the purpose of promoting the development of new business models. In addition, beneficiaries receive financial training and personalized advice.

Lilibeth Figueroa, gastronomic entrepreneur, celebrated Bancamiga’s special products for women with business initiatives: “I feel blessed to have participated in the activity. I hope that we all take advantage of the information in this forum, due to the variety of tools they have given us to continue our endeavors.”

“I loved this day and everything that Bancamiga is doing, giving opportunities to women and also men with their entrepreneurship. I’m just starting, but today I acquired many tools that are going to help me,” said Rocío Chiquito, who leads a modeling venture.

Bancamiga held this forum regarding International Women’s Day, which is commemorated every March 8 to demand women’s rights. This year, the UN called for celebrating this day with the motto “Investing in women, accelerating progress”, because the lack of financing is one of the main obstacles to achieving gender equality.

With information and images provided by Bancamiga

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