Bancamiga and the “INH” settled an alliance for the payment of racetracks through points of sale

Merchants with POS Bancamiga will receive 5 % of the total value of the form that is paid for the game-sport called “5 and 6”

An alliance between Bancamiga and the National Institute of Racetracks (INH in Spanish) will now allow the payment from 5 and 6 games through the 62 thousand points of sale of the financial institution.

One of the advantages is that it will leave the merchants with POS Bancamiga 5% of the total value of the sealed form. To do this, they must download the application through Bancamiga on line, next point of sale self-management section, also download the parameters in the POS and activate the “INH” option.

Each player selects in the POS the copy of his preference in each of the valid races and presses enter. And so on until the selection of the six valid competitions is finalized. Once the total move is displayed on the screen, the player must confirm and the following data begins to load:

  • Identity card number
  • Amount of the play
  • Certificate of the beneficiary
  • Cell phone number
  • Bank where the person would receive the award

Once the card is inserted into the device and the play is approved, the merchant issues the “5 and 6” printed form, so the game has benn processed.

The development of this application demonstrates Bancamiga’s commitment to technology and innovation, by constantly offering cutting-edge products and services to its customers

It is important to note that if the gambler is the winner, he will receive his prize via mobile payment at any bank, as soon as the racetrack ends.

The 5 % bonus to businesses is paid once the operation of the play is settled to the INH, informed the spokesmen of Bancamiga Banco Universal.

With information from Bancamiga and DOBLELLAVE

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