Baltimore’s largest bridge collapses after freighter crash

In the early hours of this Tuesday, March 26, the Francis Scott Key, the largest bridge in Baltimore, in Maryland, USA, collapsed due to the impact of a container freighter from Singapore

Early this Tuesday, March 26, the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore, Maryland, collapsed after impacting the structure of a container freighter flying the Singapore flag.

During the incident, numerous vehicles fell into the Patapso River. The rescue services immediately began the search for six missing people “after having managed to save two people: one of them was taken to the hospital, while the other was not injured and did not require medical attention.”

The state governor, Wes Moore, ruled out the possibility of an attack, although the causes are being investigated. He indicated that the boat allegedly lost propulsion, which is why it lost control. “The ship’s lights flashed, and it turned its course, which took it directly to the infrastructure pillar. From the command room they sent a mayday, an emergency signal, about a possible crash just a few minutes before impact.”

The quick action of the security forces after receiving the emergency signal prevented more vehicles from falling into the water, and dozens of lives were saved.

It has been indicated that workers were on the bridge repairing potholes in the pavement when the freighter crashed. “We know there were workers on the infrastructure at the time of the crash,” said Paul Wiedefeld, Secretary of Transportation for the state of Maryland. The six missing and the two rescued would be part of that group of employees.”

It is important to remember that the Baltimore Bridge is almost three kilometers long and is where Interstate Highway 695 runs, southeast of the metropolitan area.

“Baltimore Fire Chief James Wallace stated at a press conference that various drones, sonar and infrared devices confirmed that there were several vehicles in the river waters. He added that he could not give a figure on how many people might be missing or the total number of vehicles. “Surveillance helicopters arrived at the scene at dawn.”

The White House spoke out about the unfortunate accident that has left several families in mourning through an official statement.


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(Reference image source: @AlertaNews24, X)

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